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Tiny Love Discover the World Mat Review

The Tiny Love Discover The World Mat is presently viewed as one of the best products in its class.  It comes with a lot of useful as well as convenient features. The mat was designed to provide a cleaner and safer floor surface for babies and even adults. This is also intended to make babies safer while playing since the mat offers the needed cushion to prevent wrist and knee injuries. Unlike other products, which are made of low-quality material, this mat is made of polyester and cellophane, making it ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.


  • Weighs about 2.6 pounds
  • Measures about 29.5×19.7×3.9 inches
  • Designed as a unisex product
  • Made of polyester and cellophane
  • Large enough for babies and other members of the family
  • Stackable, foldable and reversible
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Comes with a beautifully-illustrated world map
  • Provides a clean, safe, soft and comfortable place to play
  • Machine washable and comes with handles
  • Comes with engaging textures and accessories


  • Very lightweight
  • Convenient to use
  • Could be used for both male and female babies
  • Could be used even with other members of the family
  • Can be taken anywhere just by folding it
  • Both sides are usable
  • Works well in both indoor and outdoor activities
  • Features a colorful world map pattern that aids the baby’s earliest learning process
  • Comes with handles for easier transport
  • Easy to clean
  • Sold at an affordable price


  • Might not be available for shipping in several areas
  • Polyester and cellophane looks and feels cheap
  • The materials used in the product might get warmer due to long hours of use
  • Does not come with a bag or any convenient packing accessory


The Tiny Love Discover the World Mat is a play mat designed for baby and adults’ use. It weighs about 2.6 pounds, which is relatively light and measures about 59”x39” making it capable of accommodating more individuals. This is made of cellophane and polyester and its well-built design allows it to work well for both indoor and outdoor activities. With a current price of $35.99, the product could be considered a best buy since this is very portable and is easily cleaned.  It is sold in a package that comes with a single mat printed with a colorful world map and comes with handles.


Aside from the The Tiny Love Discover The World Mat, there are other products that offer a number of similar features. This includes the Pingko Friends (Large) from Baby Care and the Jumbo Play Mat from Fisher-Price. Both of these products belong to the same class as the Tiny Love. Buyers should compare the features of these products with those that are provided by the Tiny Love. By doing so, they will surely obtain the product that would best suit their needs and budget.

In terms of dimension, the Pingko Friends (Large) from Baby Care is the largest. With a dimension of about 82.7×0.5×55.1 inches, the Pingko Friends is very large compared to the Tiny Love and the Jumbo Play Mat which measures about 29.5×19.7×3.9 inches and 27x18x3 inches, respectively. However, the Tiny Love proves to be the thickest among the three, providing more cushion, which is very important for babies.

The Tiny Love can also be viewed as a best option among the three because it is made of cellophane and polyester while the other two are made of a single material. Due to this, the Tiny Love provides an assurance that it could work well in both indoor and outdoor activities without the need to worry about the possibility that it might be torn or ripped apart due to continuous use.

Furthermore, the two other products are considered to be quite inferior compared to the Tiny Love, which is reversible. This means that when the other side gets dirty, the reverse part could still be used. In addition, the Tiny Love’s target gender along with the Pingko Friends is unisex but the former’s very appealing design is quite suitable for both male and female consumers. The Tiny love also comes with handles that the other two products don’t have and this makes the former more convenient when taken on the go.

In terms of price, the Pingko Friends, with its larger dimension and the price of $102.95, is the most expensive. Tiny Love Discover The World Mat, with a price of $35.99, is the second most affordable while the Fisher-Price mat sells for $31.99 and is the cheapest. Despite its mid-level price, the Tiny Love still remains the best buy among the three since the money that would be spent for buying this mat will surely provide greater benefits than opting for the Pingko Friends, which means spending as much as $100.

Finally, all of the three products get high ratings from consumers. The Pingko Friends, despite its relatively expensive price tag, got the rating of 5-stars. This is considered an impressive accomplishment in a class where the competition is quite intense. The Tiny Love and the Fisher-Price also remain solid contenders since they both garner the same consumer rating, which is 4.5-stars.

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