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Whether at home or travelling, it is important to ensure that your baby has a safe place to play and rest. Therefore, ensure you have the best pack n play that is strong enough for the baby, whether sleeping or playing, with enough space and that you can move around either between rooms or as you travel.

To help you make that decision, here are some of the best pack n plays.

Graco pack n play playard, Manor

Graco pack n play playard Manor

This pack n play consists of a playard, a changing station, and a nest bassinet.  The changing station can be used with or without the changing pad. It includes a portable changing pad that has storage pockets for storing items such as wipes and diapers.

For those on the go, the pack n play can be packed easily into a travel bag. Whether on a family trip or at home, the baby sleeps on a familiar spot on the nest bassinet.

This will cost you around $100.00.


  • It can be used for a newborn, until the baby becomes a toddler and therefore removes the need to buy different items for the baby at different stages of their development.
  • The portable changing pad has a built-in storage where diapers, wipes, and other baby items can be kept within reach when changing.
  • The toys help to keep the baby entertained.
  • The changing table has fabrics that are easy to wipe clean, ensuring that it remains clean even after changing the baby.
  • The playard has meshed sides for providing ventilation for the baby.


  • The bassinet is small and only suitable for babies weighing below 15 pounds.
  • The changing station is fixed and not removable when not in use.


Graco Pack n play playard, Manor is a pack n play that is suitable for a newborn up to a toddler who weighs not more than 35 inches or who cannot climb out. It is a convenient place for the baby to play, rest and sleep even when travelling because it is portable. It is a good buy and worth the money.

Joovy Room² portable playard

Joovy Room portable playard

Joovy room squared is a pack n play with plenty of room. This playard is fitted with a cotton mattress sheet and made of durable material for durability. It has wheels for portability and it is easy to set up and fold.

Other than black, other colors include orange, purple, and red. It costs around $130.00.


  • At 10 square wide, it has an ample space for a baby to play, unlike other pack n play. This provides enough room for the baby to play and include toys, whether at home or away.
  • It is durable and sturdy for use by a toddler because it is made of 600D material and a steel frame.
  • Easy to set up and fold and can be carried using a carry bag that has a shoulder strap.
  • The walls are meshed so that you can see the baby and it does not feel confined.
  • The fitted cotton sheet is machine washable and therefore the playard remains clean.


  • Heavy due to its large size.
  • Does not include other baby necessities such as a bassinet and you may end up buying one for the newborn baby.


Joovy Room² playard is a pack n play with ample space for a child to play. Made from durable materials, the playard is sturdy enough for a toddler. Even if it has space, it is rather expensive because it does not include other essentials such as a changing station or a bassinet.

Evenflo portable Babysuite 300

Evenflo portable Babysuite 300

This pack n play has a bassinet and a changer in addition to the playard. The changer can be moved out of the way when not in use and the mat can convert to a playmat with toys attached, while the bassinet is full sized. It can be set up and taken down easily, especially if you are travelling or you want to move it. The wheels enable it to move from room to room.

The model comes in eight different colors. There is Marianna, Koi, Lima, Lizette, Monaco, Panelope, Pink Panty Koi, and Raleigh. This cost around $100.00.


  • This pack n play has a mat and play toys that can be used as a play mat.
  • You can remove the changer out of the way easily when not in use.
  • This pack n play can be set up and folded easily and therefore it is easy to transport using its matching travel bag.
  • The detachable toys can be removed when not needed.
  • The diaper-changing table is well supported and does not lean to one side.


  • The material on the bassinet pad and the playard may not be soft enough for the baby and may need an additional mattress or sheet.


Evenflo portable Babysuite 300 is a portable pack n play suitable for a newborn up to a toddler. It contains a movable changing station and a bassinet in addition to the playard. The mat can also be used separately on the floor as a playmat.

It is a good buy, and it is worth the price, considering the many uses it has such as its durability and portability.


The best product is the Evenflo Portable Babysuite 300 because it consists of a playard, bassinet, and a changer. The mat may be used as a playmat on the floor. Other than that, it is easy to set up, fold, and carry.

The second place goes to Graco Pack n play playard, Manor. Although it has a changing station and toys, they are not movable and can stand in the way. The bassinet is also smaller.

The last place goes to Joovy Room² portable playard. Although it has a large space, this pack n play is only suitable as a playard and does not have a bassinet or a changing station, despite its high price. It is more appropriate for older kids and not for a newborn.

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