Best Baby Playard

A baby needs somewhere safe to play to develop both mental and motor skills. To get these benefits, you need to find a good playard that is sturdy and large enough for the baby to play comfortably.

Below are some of the best baby playards from which you can choose.

Cosco Juvenile Funsport Playard- Kontiki

Cosco Juvenile Funsport Play Yard Kontiki

The playard features mesh windows that make it easy to see the baby. It also has two wheels and therefore it can be moved easily from one location to another. The wheels also fold when it is being packed for storage or transportation.

There is only one model for this product though there is a newer version called Cosco funsport play yard-elephant squares. It also comes in one color. It costs around $45.00.


  • The playard is sturdy enough for a child to play.
  • The wheel makes it easy to move it from one location to another.
  • You can see the baby using the mesh windows.
  • It is useful when travelling because it can be folded and packaged. It can be set up in less than a minute.


  • It may need an additional mattress if the baby is to sleep there.
  • It is only suitable for older babies who are at the playing stage and not for newborns because it does not have a bassinet.
  • It does not have somewhere for changing the baby.


Cosco Juvenile Funsport Playard is a good playard for older kids due its sturdy nature. It is also useful for travelling because it can be packed and set up quickly. For those with older kids who can comfortably play, it is a good buy, and it is worth the money. However, it may not be suitable for newborns.

Summer Infant Grow With Me Playard and Changer- Swinging Safari

Summer infant grow with me playard and changer- swinging safari

This full-size playard also has a bassinet for a newborn and an infant changer. On the side is a tray for storing items such as diapers and wipes. The wheels make is easy to move it from room to room and they can be locked for safety. It features a variety of music in the form of soothing nature and soft melodies.

This model goes for about $100.00. Other than the swinging safari, there is the fox and friends model.


  • The playard can be used when the baby is a newborn for up to 30 pounds. This means that you do not have to buy a bassinet when the baby is born, and when it gets older you can purchase a playard.
  • The wheels make it portable and can be moved from room to room and can lock to ensure the child’s safety.
  • It contains a variety of music that can be used to soothe the baby.
  • The toy bar is removable in case you do not want to use it.
  • It can be packed in the travel bag for travelling or storage.


  • The bassinet is only suitable for younger babies of up to 15 pounds, while the changer is for babies of up to 25 pounds.


This playard also serves as a changing station and a bassinet where the baby can rest. It also provides space for storing baby items. Considering the price, this playard is worth the money, and it is a good buy because it serves as a one-time buy from when the baby is a newborn until it reaches 30 pounds. It can also be used when travelling.

Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Playard

Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite day and night playard

This playard features an inclined sleeper that can also be used as a changing station. The sleeper is removable and the head support and pad is machine washable. It also features a diaper clutch with built-in wipes container. It can be folded and assembled quickly.

The price of this playard will cost you around $100.00.


  • The playard provides somewhere for the baby to sleep, play and change, all in one.
  • The playard can be set up and folded easily.
  • Its lightweight, weighing about 15 pounds, which makes it suitable for those who are travelling. Its travel bag is easy to carry which can be done hands free.
  • The inclined sleeper is good for the baby to rest and for changing. The washable head support and pad ensures that it remains clean even if the baby dribbles on it.
  • Has a three-point restraint to ensure that the baby is secure when sleeping. The head support is cushioned and has a supportive seat back for providing the comfort of the baby.


  • It is only available in one color, limiting your choices.


Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite day and night playard is a three in one playard that also serves as a changing station and a sleeper. It is lightweight, easy to set up and fold, making it suitable for those on the go. It provides a place where the baby can also sleep overnight. The playard is strong enough for an older baby to play, rest, and sleep.

The playard is a good buy. It is worth the money, especially for someone who travels a lot and in need of a good playard that can serve more than one purpose.


The best product is the Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Playard. This light playard also features as a sleeper and a changing station. It is suitable to use for a newborn right up to an older child. It is easy to pack and carry.

The second place goes to the Summer Infant Grow With Me Playard and Changer- Swinging Safari. Although it serves multiple purposes of a changer and a bassinet, it is not as light as the Fisher Price and the price is slightly higher.

The last is the Cosco Juvenile Funsport Playard- Kontiki because it can only be used as a playard for older babies and it needs an additional mattress to increase comfort.

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