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A new mother needs to make several purchases in preparation for her bundle of joy. Baby play mats are some of the items one needs to buy for their baby. It provides the child with a safe place to crawl, to learn their first jump and even make their initial steps.
Baby play mats come in all colors, sizes, shapes, designs, and even prices. The fact is you will be limited to choice when go shopping for a baby play mat

Our Top Pick for the Best Baby Play Mat is the Baby Care Play Mat Genius Bear (Large)  

Of all the baby mats that we reviewed, our top pick is the Baby Care Play Mat-Genius Bear - Birds on the Trees (Large)

Baby Care Play Mat Genius Bear

Below are some of the best play mats in the market. Read on! Then make a choice.

Baby Care Play Mat – Magical Islands (Large)

The Baby Care Play Mat (Large, Magical Islands) is a play mat with a difference. It has a soft cushioned surface to allow babies to play on from the time they are infants all the way to their schooling age. It prevents them from hurting themselves when they fall. The play mat is intensively tested to ensure hygiene and safety.
It reduces noise created when they are playing and protects them from the effects of cold surfaces. The play mat cleans easily with only a damp cloth and the surfaces cleans fast ready to be used for another play session.
Besides, the play mat comes with alluring colors and educational elements for your child’s learning. They can be letters or numbers. Place it in bedrooms, living rooms, or better still in playrooms, to enhance your child’s play experience. It is available for around $85.00.


  • It is well cushioned to prevent the impact when falling.
  • It features educational elements to provide the baby with learning platform as early as possible.
  • It is colorful to keep them engaged.
  • The mat cleans easily and it is safe from allergen materials


  • Its medium size limits its application.
  • It cannot be used for a crawling child or one who is highly mobile unless it is used together with a play yard.


The Baby Care Play Mat (Large, Magical Islands) is a colorful play world for your child. It is highly decorated with animal features, numbers, and letters to make the experience of the little ones, more memorable. However, for grown toddlers, one may have to find a more effective solution.

Tiny Love Discover The World Mat

Tiny Love Discover Mat is another beautiful play mat for babies and toddlers. It offers a large, well-cushioned space for playing. The mat protects the child from incurring injuries when they fall. Furthermore, it swallows in the sound produced when the kid is playing.
It is designed to ensure proper development of the child. It familiarizes them with the world they are to face when they grow up through its mapped-world features. The features are presented in a captivating and colorful manner to attract the attention of the child.
The Mat is not only a play surface, but it also provides opportunities for learning. It sells at around $45.00, which is reasonable considering its features.


  • It keeps the baby entertained with its features. The baby learns as they play.
  • The cushioned surface protects the baby from any danger. They can even sleep on it when they are exhausted from playing.
  • It is large enough to confine your child to a certain area, measuring 59” by 39”.
  • It can be transported and carried to any place, to offer the baby a comfortable playing spot.
  • It is usable both outdoors and indoors and if you are worried about cleaning, you can put it in your washing machine.


  • For older toddlers, safety is not guaranteed unless you are using it together with a playpen. It is best for toddlers and babies.
  • It needs regular cleaning to make sure that the child plays in a hygienic place each day.


The Tiny Love Discover the World Mat offers a nice place for your child to play and learn. It is also cushioned to ensure that nothing happens to them as they play. However, it cannot be used for crawling toddlers, especially if it does not occupy the whole room.

Baby Care Play Mat – Birds on the Trees (Large)

The Baby Care Play Mat Genius Bear is a spacious baby play mat featuring bear images among others. It is suited for growing babies and kids to play. The soft surface ensures that children are not hurt as they play and that they can enjoy the experience.
It is decorated with educational elements including interesting characters, numbers, letters and amazing colors. It aids in the early development of the children while keeping them safe from wrist and knee injuries as well as those from head falls.
You can place it in the bedroom, living room or any other place you may like. Owing to its high quality and size, it retails for about $160.00.


  • It is large enough to cover expansive open spaces for children to play.
  • It is cushioned to ease the impacts of falls.
  • It features colorful elements, which not only make the play exciting, but it also helps the child to learn.
  • It is waterproof for outdoor use and can be washed in the machine.


  • Regular cleaning is necessary to keep it safe and hygienic for the child.


Baby Care Play Mat Genius Bear (Large) is a real asset when one has a growing toddler. It offers a great place to play and it ensures safety no matter how hard the fall is. Nevertheless, it requires you to use a playpen or play yard, if you want to keep the little ones from particular areas.


Baby Care Play Mat-Genius Bear- Birds on the Trees (Large) ranks first, since it provides a spacious play yard. It is also a learning platform for the child. Baby Care Play Mat – Magical Islands (Large) is second in this ranking. It has excellent features including a soft surface and attractive educational elements.
Third on the list is Tiny Love Discover The World Mat, which has a cushioned surface but it is much smaller. However, based on pricing it is the best bid.

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