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Best Baby Gates

Best Baby Gates–Our Top Picks!!

No matter how you want to be on the lookout for your child at all times, you cannot be too careful. At a certain age, kids can be mischievous but fortunately, there is a way you can keep your little one safe and secure.

Baby gates are a must-have for any parent. While most people think that safety gates are only necessary for a house with a stairwell, they are essential in all homes. They help in shielding your child from reaching certain areas.

With many brands and types of baby gates, it can be daunting to find one suitable for your child. Some factors must be considered when buying a baby gate including the size of the area one wants to enclose and the age of the child, among other factors.

When your baby begins to explore the world by himself, it’s prefect to buy him the best safety gates. Buying a reliable safety gate is a strategic purchase because it gives parents peace of mind thinking that their little ones are safe from any potential danger. You’ll need fine safety gates for the top and bottom of stairs, and to stop your kid get himself to risky places.
The challenge from customers end is buying the right safety gate, though. There’s a lot of baby safety gates in the marketplace, and it would be very easy to get lost in a sea of press releases. To help every mom and dad come up with a well-informed decision when buying baby safety gates, here’s a guide to getting started.

Types of Baby Gates


Pressure Fit Baby Gates

If you have hallways and doorways, pressure fit baby gates are the best choice for you. They are also a great option to those to those who don’t want to have their walls or woodwork get damaged by a hardware-mounted baby gate. However, bear in mind that this type of baby gates must not be used ay top of stairs. Ideally, safety gates that are costly cone with a featured door for you to walk through.
Pressure Fit baby gates are available in different styles. At present, majority of these gates stay across their opening and are held in place. There are two things that are common to all pressure-mounted baby gates– they need two flat surfaces across from each other and you can mount them on an angle. When using this type of gate, be cautious when mounting it against a hallow fall. The pressure pads might punch a hall in your wall.

Hardware Mounted Baby Gates

If you need a retractable baby gate that is sturdier that pressure-mounted gates, then hardware-mounted safety gates make a great choice. One of the best things about this type of baby gates is they can be used even in dangerous places, such as the top of your stairs. When installing, make sure that you use anchors or screw the hardware into a stud in your wall in order to make it much sturdier.
Hardware-mounted baby gates are also very versatile. Plus, when they are installed properly, they are very easy to open. Just like with pressure-mounted gates, hardware-mounted baby gates are also available in wide range of sizes, colors and shapes. When choosing this gate, make sure to review the instruction and installation guide.

Child safety Gates for Wide Or Irregular Openings

Although it may take a bit of time to plan the installation process, it may really end up being very easy to install child safety gates for wide or irregular openings. This is the type of baby safety gate that needs a little bit of creative thinking.

Child Safety Gates for Wide openings

If you’ve got about 48” to 60”, then this wide opening needs to be covered by pressure gates particularly when adding extensions. Or, you can also use hardware mounted baby gates. The great thing about using retractable baby gate for wide openings is that there is no need for you to swing the entire gate just to get in through.

Child Safety Gates for irregular openings

Both small and large areas need a versatile safety gate. Ideally, these gates come with a walk-through in the center panel. The panels can be removed or added in order to cover irregular openings. The safety gate rests on the floor, but attached at your wall. Having said that, the strength of child safety gates for irregular openings come from the curves they create with the panel as well the contact with the floor.

Uses of Child Safety Gates

Primarily, child safety gates are meant to keep kids away from the danger of a home. Another function is that it they are used in order to keep a child in one room, making sure that he is always in sight of adult.

Child safe gates can be used at the top or bottom of a staircase. Hence, they are ideal for families with children who are starting and learning to crawl up the stairs. Baby gates are for crawlers.

Safety doors can be used at different areas within a home.

Stair cases. The baby safety gate is installed near the bottom or top of the stairs. The gate acts as a protection for kids from any evens that can lead to injury.
Bedroom door. The baby safety gate is installed at the bedroom door. The gate is helpful in supervising the child as he is wandering around the house.
Kitchen. The retractable baby gate is installed inside the kitchen in order to prevent the kid from entering into this area. You know that kitchen can be cause hazard to your little ones, do you?
Bathroom door. The baby safety gate is set up at the bathroom door in order to prevent the child from coming in. Keep in mind that the bathroom may have many harmful materials that can put your kid’s health and safety at risk.

Guides in Buying Child safety Gates

When buying a safety gate for your child, here are the things you need to look into:
Easy access.

While some hardware-mounted safety gates swing open, there are also those that don’t- and they are usually those cheap models. Invest into something that is better, something that offers easy access. As much as possible, test the gate before buying it. Make sure you can easily set it up and remove. A decent safety gate must keep toddlers in place but must somehow be easy for adults to get around.

Sturdy Construction

As a rule of thumb, choose a baby safety gate with an even finish and sturdy construction. Make sure that the wood surfaces must be smooth, have no squared edges, and free from splinter. For metal construction, gates usually have a support bar crossing the floor beneath the safety gate. Aside from that, you must also check if there’s a permanent label with the manufacturer’s, seller’s or distributor’s name that you can contact in case there are some issues about the product, thus replace or refund is necessary. Don’t forget about the warning statement label, too.

Installation Flexibility

A lot of baby safety gates can be installed to irregular areas such as angled banisters, drywall and stair balusters. Hence, make sure that your choice of safety gate for your kid is ideal to the space and feature of your home. Usually, you are advised to buy installation kids for odd areas. You can also choose from safety gates that can be adjusted in order to fit into a regularly shaped space.

Slat Spacing

Ideally, baby gates must have vertical slats. They must have bars that measure less than 3 inches apart in order to prevent the possibility of head entrapment. However, at the same time, the gate must also offer enough space for the kid to explore. In any way possible, test the gate and make sure it won’t lead to any injury or the gate must not be dislodged or damaged.

Safety standard

If the child safety gate has no Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association certification seal, then continue looking for other options. Just in case you are not aware, only baby gates with this seal have passed the industry standard when it comes to the security of the latch, strength of the materials, size of the openings and more.

Check for toe-holds

When shopping for a baby gate, try to think of your kid for a moment. Will the feet fit in the spaces and will he be able to climb on it? If you see a possible makeshift ladder for your child’s feet, then do not buy that fate. Instead, buy a safety gate with vertical slats that your toddler’s feet can pass between, and with horizontal pieces between the bottom and top rails.


There are different styles of baby gates available in the market. You can choose from sleek metal, economic, cloth and economic plastic. You can buy a gate that roll out, swing open or slide open. When choosing, take a closer look on the stair areas that you have to gate off. Make sure that there’s enough space for a hardware-mounted safety gate. Since there’s a vast selection of styles available in the marketplace, make sure that you’ve done your legwork before getting any deal. While personal preference matters when it comes to choosing the style, it is also essential to base in your actual needs.

What If Gating a Doorway or Stairway is not possible?

Today, a lot of new homes have open floor schemes and features that enable parents to gate off a room. Usually, floor plans include wider doorways. In this case, super-wide safety gates are the best resort. Shop for the best baby gate that can fit together in order to come up with a free-standing gated space.

Brands of Child Safety Gates

Here we provide a list of popular companies that manufacture high quality safety baby gates:

Regalo is known as a highly esteemed manufacturer of durable safety gates. The company is a leader in producing child safety products including toddler beds, booster seats, chairs, baby safety gates and a whole lot more. All of their products are certified by JMPA, making them a trusted choice by customers.

Summer Infant
Another company that is produces safe and innovative baby gate with per door is Summer Infant. They are more than glad to delight parents with their safety products. Aside from producing fine quality baby safety gates, the company also manufactures tubs, infant feeders, bottles and bathers.

Based in US, Kidco is a well-reviewed company that is committed to producing the best safety baby gates with the best features and with the latest technology. They are expert in manufacturing different types of safety gate, with different designs and styles. The company also produces other baby products.

With two decades of existence in the industry, there is no doubt that Munchkin has already mastered the art of producing the finest quality of child safety products. Originally, it produced bottles but it has now evolved into a very popular manufacturer of safety products for kids.

Cardinal Gate
Since its inception in 1992, Cardinal Gate has emerged to be a known manufacturer of full lines of baby gate with per door. It is well-known for producing high quality aluminum safety gates that are lightweight and resistive to weather making their products a perfect choice for outdoor use. Most of their baby gates are made from metals, hence strength and durability are two of their edges over the competition.

Dream Baby
Dream baby is a reliable international brand that produces durable and innovative baby safety products including safety gates. In fact, the company’s products are already available in more than seventy countries. While they are the number one choice of many baby gate with per door shoppers, they are also known for their wide range of kids safety accessories, potties, bath seats, hygiene items and a whole lot more.

With more than 85 years of experience in business, no wonder why Evenflo brand is so popular. The company manufactures different products for kids from birth to pre-school. Some of their products include high chairs, activity products, play yards, and other baby products. You can avail their products either through online or from most retailers.

Gateway Manufacturing, Inc.
Established way back in 1994, Gateway Manufacturing is well known because of its popular expansion gates, Pet Shield travel barriers and high quality mesh gates. Every product is certified by JMPA so you can make sure that all items are worthy of your bucks.

North States Industries
With more than 50 years of experience, North States Industries is a reliable supplier to many large online, specialty and even international retailers. It is known for versatile baby gates, play yards, and baby enclosures.

Cute crawlers deserve the best safety gates, and it’s your role as a parent to buy the best product for them!

Below are some of the best baby gates in the market today.

North States Supergate Portico Arch Gate, Matte Bronze


North States Supergate Portico Arch Gate is a standard baby gate but with a touch of class and improved functionality. It is in Matte bronze and designed for small spaces and with just a simple push your child remains safe.  The baby gate swings open both sides and promises optimal safety through its triple locking mechanism. Its construction is highly durable to ensure maximum safety and longevity.

When you want the gate to remain open, there is a feature to help keep the gate open. Amid its high capabilities, the Portico Arch Gate does not lack in looks. Its black matte bronze finish makes it beautiful and complements your home.  Besides, it is installed through pressure knobs, which fits snugly against the wall or any other surface.


  • The baby gate is easy to install. The bolts with tension knobs are fixed at the end of both sides of the gate. Ensure that the knobs are fixed correctly.
  • It is expandable- Although it is a standard gate, it can be extended to occupy a distance of 38.25 inches. It comes with two extensions to make this possible.
  • Its triple locking mechanism offers maximum safety and security for your child.
  • The hold-open feature keeps the gate open for a period to allow several members of the family to get in.
  • It is built of bronze for durability and stability. Its finish is also attractive.


  • It is not suited for large areas. It can only cover a distance of 38.25 inches.
  • The baby gate is not suitable for babies who are beginning to climb objects.


The North States Supergate Portico Arch Gate consists of a standard safety gate.  It is appropriate to use for short distances such as across a single door but not for expansive areas. It is also suitable for small children, in particular those who are crawling. The baby gate is installed through pressure knobs; hence, there is no need for drilling your walls. However, this can be insecure as the kid ages.

It is a good purchase though slightly expensive considering that it covers a short distance and suitable for smaller kids only.

North States Superyard 3 In 1 Arched Decor Metal 2 Panel Extension, Matte Bronze


North States Superyard 3-in-1 Arched Décor Metal Matte Bronze is a wide safety gate. It is designed to cover extensive areas and irregular spaces leading to the staircase. They are also great for preventing your child from reaching the fireplace among other unsafe areas.

The baby gate comes with six adjustable and removable panels, meaning that you can use the gate on any area. When used as a whole, the gate occupies an area of 10sq feet and it is 30 inches high.  This allows your child to remain in the enclosure but still be able to play. The extensions help you to create a play yard for the kid of about 19sq feet.

Best Baby Gates


  • It is made of bronze metal to give it high stability and durability. It will offer you years of service.
  • It is an extra wide baby gate, hence, suitable for large areas.
  • It acts as a safety barrier and a play yard.
  • It can be wall mounted without leaving marks on the surface.
  • The double locking mechanism keeps it closed securely at all times.


  • Installation can be challenging. The gate is wall-mounted, meaning you will need to make some holes on the wall or on other surfaces.
  • It is unsuitable for babies who are over 30 inches in height.


The North States Superyard 3-in-1 Arched Décor Metal Matte Bronze is great when you want to cover large areas. However, it is not easy to install. You may need to look for professional help.

Though it has more features, it is more expensive than other baby gates with similar features.

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, Bronze


The Summer Infant Multi-use Deco Extra Walk-Thru Gate combines functionality and beauty to fit in any place. Its stable bronze build, makes it suitable for installation across door openings and at the top of a staircase. It is beige in color. The baby gate is 36 inches tall and it can open up to 28” to 48”.  It is also able to secure a child up to 2 years.


  • It is tall enough to accommodate older toddlers. There are 41/2 and 9-inch extension.
  • It allows for pressure or hardware mounting based on whether you are installing it at the top or bottom of the stairs.
  • It features a safe locking mechanism and it can be opened with one hand.
  • It beautiful, bronze finish in beige color, complements with the home décor.


  • If you use hardware mounting, installation can be challenging.
  • It may leave marks on the walls or other surfaces where you mount it.


The beauty with the Summer Infant Multi-use Walk Thru is its versatility. You can use it between door openings and at the staircase. However, hardware mounting may pose challenges. It is worth the money though.


Of all the above three safety gates, the Summer Infant Multi Use Walk-Thru takes the first position in the list of best baby gates.  This is because it can be used in flat areas as well as those with inclines. Besides, it is versatile for installation and its price is favorable.

Second on the list, is the North States Superyard 3-in-1 Arched Décor Metal Matte Bronze It is suitable for large areas since it is delivered with extensions and removable panels. Last but not least, is the North States Supergate Portico Arch Gate, Matte Bronze. It is a standard gate and unsuitable for overgrown toddlers but easy to install.

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