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Baby Care Play Mat Review

Every baby needs a play mat. Play mats offer a safe, sanitary, and soft area for your baby to lounge on.

However, an abundance of play mat products on the market has made the selection process for mothers a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, Baby Care released a number of reliable products that not only provide the needed benefits, but also a greater value for your money.

To assist mothers in making their decision, here are some of the best Baby Care play mat products that are available on the market.

Baby Care Play Mat – Busy Farm (Large)

One of the most popular Baby Care play mat products is the Busy Farm developed for babies and children. The mat is currently one of the most liked in its class because it provides a safer and more hygienic floor space not only for the baby, but also for the other members of the family thanks to the mat’s relatively larger size, which is about 82.7×55.1×0.5 inches.

In addition, the Busy Farm is considered a vital important item for babies and toddlers because it provides them with a safe play place for growth and development. The mat does this by providing babies with the needed protection against floor’s hard surfaces. In addition, this also protects the babies from potential injuries to the wrists and knees that might be brought about by crawling.

This mat comes in vibrant colors and characters to stimulate baby’s learning at a very young age. It also features educational elements such as letters and numbers. Finally, the Busy Farm can be folded easily when and taken with you wherever you go.


  • Safe and hygienic
  • Provides a softer floor for babies and toddlers
  • Protects babies from injuries by providing cushion and soft landing
  • Waterproof
  • Easily cleaned by wiping with a soft damp cloth
  • Provides greater insulation
  • Reduces noise and excessive impacts
  • User-friendly and could be conveniently taken on the go
  • Affordable


  • Does not come with a carrying bag
  • May not be shipped to several areas of the globe
  • Easily goes out of stock
  • May not be readily available in some areas

The large version of the Baby Farm play mat from Baby Care is regarded as a good buy. This is because the item is sold at a relatively lower price around $90. With such a price tag, buying the product is a best option since it is certified hygienic and provides the needed cushion to prevent injuries. In addition, it is waterproof and is easily cleaned when it gets dirty.

Baby Care Play Mat – Pingko Friends (Large)

Another notable play mat from Baby Care is the Pingko Friends large. It is a hygienic item and provides a safer floor for both babies and toddlers. With its dimensions of about 82.7×0.5×55.1 inches, this can be used by the baby and other family members when playing.

This product is excellent in providing baby with the needed cushion against wrist and knee injuries brought about by excessive impacts brought by crawling, standing up and falling down. Thus, the Pingko Friends mat is regarded as an essential part of the baby and toddler’s safer growth and development.

The product is also viewed as a good educational tool. This is because it comes with vibrant colors and educational characters such as letters and numbers that the baby could easily learn while using the mat as he grows. Finally, this could be easily used and taken anywhere due to its very convenient design and packaging.


  • Very hygienic and safe for baby
  • Offers a safer and softer floor surface for babies and toddlers to play on
  • Provides babies with protection from possible injuries
  • Waterproof and easily cleaned
  • Can accommodate a baby and other family members
  • Provides educational characters and vibrant colors that babies can start to learn and identify


  • Not sold with a carrying bag
  • Might not be eligible for international shipping
  • Easily goes out of stock
  • Might not be available in some areas
  • Comes at a relatively higher price

The Pingko Friends large play mat, priced around $100, is another good buy from Baby Care. This offers the needed benefits such as providing a safer floor for babies and toddlers. The product also provides the needed protection against wrist and knee injuries that babies might incur while playing.

BABY CARE Large Baby Play Mat in Happy Village

The BABY CARE Large Baby Play Mat with Happy Village pattern also enjoys a solid reputation in the market. It is known for providing a cleaner and safer floor space for babies when playing. Its soft surface provides assurance of soft landings, thereby protecting the child’s knees and wrists. This also comes with stimulating colors, as well as educational characters and graphics that help babies learn as they grow.


  • Provides a clean and safe floor space for babies
  • Provides soft landings to protect the child from knee and wrist injuries
  • Comes with stimulating colors, characters and graphics


  • Product availability is quite limited
  • Might not ship to several destinations
  • Lacks the added features that similarly-prices rivals provide
  • Sold at an expensive price

Despite its relatively higher price, which is about $150, the BABY CARE Large Baby Play Mat with Happy Village pattern remains as a favorite among buyers who have larger budgets to spend. This is because the product still provides the most basic features that play mats are expected to provide.


Based on the examination of the three play mat products that are considered among the best in the market right now, it is quite clear that they all provide the same set of features that are beneficial to babies and toddlers. However, the Busy Farm emerges as the best among the three since this is sold at a very affordable price. The Pingko Friends provides the same features that the Busy farm offers but this is sold at a higher price. Thus, this could be considered the second best. The Happy Village mat gets the third spot since this is the most expensive of the three.

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